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Our Process

home building process

We understand that every project is unique, so we've created a flexible and organized approach that can be customized to meet your project's specific needs.

Committed to delivering exceptional results promptly and efficiently, we prioritize seamless communication, inventive problem-solving, and superior artistry at every juncture.

We'll collaborate closely with you, ensuring you're informed at every stage of the process.


Our adventure together starts with a complimentary phone consultation to ensure our expertise aligns with your vision.

In this pivotal conversation, we delve into your aspirations, budget constraints, and innovative design ideas for revamping your home.

Transparency is key–providing us with accurate information about your budget and timeline allows us to guide you toward your dream renovation outcome.

Once we've established the perfect dynamic, we'll continue this intriguing journey with an in-home consultation to bring your vision one step closer to reality.


During this insightful session, our team will meticulously assess your site to identify aspects like structural modifications or uncovering concealed spaces, ensuring a precise cost projection.

We'll delve deeper into our prior discussions, refining the project vision with utmost accuracy.

Upon conclusion, we'll equip you with in-depth knowledge of our renovation methodology and attentively address any inquiries or apprehensions you might have.


As we initiate the pre-construction phase, you will be presented with a Professional Service Agreement (PSA) awaiting your authorization.

This crucial document encompasses the cost of our expertise in crafting a thorough, all-encompassing scope of work and determining a fixed price for your renovation endeavor.

Our commitment includes value engineering, collaborating with sub-trades (walk-throughs), meticulous pricing on material selections, fine-tuning designs based on finalized drawings, and compiling any other essential project-specific data.

Embarking on this journey together, rest assured that the PSA will be credited to your project.


Before our exciting proposal meeting, we'll ensure every fine detail, drawing, and scope of work is impeccably finalized.

Prepare to be captivated as we present a comprehensive game plan featuring a meticulous timeline, bespoke room-wise outlines, curated material, and product selections, all tied together with a guaranteed fixed price.

Upon your green light and contract authorization, the magic begins!


As soon as we have the go-ahead with the required permits, our team will leap into action, sourcing materials and coordinating with our expert trade partners.

Our lead carpenters will be immersed in your project's details, ensuring everything is planned to perfection. A dedicated project manager will be at your side, guiding you through the process and addressing any queries, ensuring a seamless journey toward realizing your vision.


Effectively communicating and keeping you in the loop is crucial for the success of any renovation project.

Our dedicated project manager will ensure transparency by keeping you informed on the status of your project at every stage.

With access to our cutting-edge project management software, you can stay up-to-date on essential aspects such as finances, timelines, and internal observations.

Excelling in quality and meeting deadlines are our guiding principles. As we walk you through the transformed space, we will present you with a notice of completion to sign off, marking the start of your enjoyment of the revitalized area.


Take confidence in our commitment to providing superior products, services, and craftsmanship with our exclusive guarantee on materials and workmanship.

Additionally, benefit from assurance through our remarkable warranty against any concealed defects in your completed project.

Witness our unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional products, meticulous service, and exemplary craftsmanship.

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